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Spyware Propagation

What Does the Spyware Do?

  • Steals user’s personal information and sends it to a remote server or hijacker.
  • Monitors user’s online activity
  • Displays annoying pop-ups
  • Redirects a web browser to advertising sites.
  • Changes the browser’s default setting and prevents the user form restoring.
  • Adds several bookmarks to the browser’s favorites list
  • steal your passwords.
  • Sends you targeted email.
  • changes the home page and prevents the user from restoring.
  • Change firewall settings
  • Monitors and reports websites you visit.

Types of Spyware

Desktop Spyware

  • Live recording of remote desktops.
  • Recording and monitoring Internet activities.
  • Recording software usage and timings
  • Recording activity log and storing at one centralized location.
  • Logging user’s keystrokes.

Email Spyware

Internet Spyware

Child-Monitoring Spyware

Screen Capturing Spyware

USB Spyware

  • USB Spyware copies files from USB devices to your hard disk in hidden mode without any request.
  • It create a hidden file/directory with the current date and begins the background copying process.
  • It allows you to capture, display,record, and analyze data transferred between any USB device connected to a PC and Applications.

Audio Spyware

Video Spyware

Print Spyware

Telephone/Cellphone Spyware

  • Call History : Allows you to see the entire call history of the phone.
  • View Text Messages : Enables you to view all incoming and outgoing text messages. It even shows deleted messages in the log report.
  • Web Site History : Records the entire history of all websites visited through the phone in the log report file.
  • GPS Tracking : Shows you where the phone is in real time.

GPS Spyware

Spyware Tools

Spytech SpyAgent

  • It can reveal all websites visited.
  • It records all online searches performed.
  • It monitors what programs and apps are in use.
  • It can track all file usage and printing information.
  • It records online chat conversations.
  • It uncovers secret user passwords.
  • It monitors social networking behaviors.

How to Defend Against Spyware

  • Try to avoid using computer system which is not totally under your control.
  • Adjust browser security settings to medium or higher for Internet zone.
  • Be cautious about suspicious emails and sites.
  • Enable Firewall to enhance the security level of the computer.
  • Update the software regularly and use a firewall with outbound protection.
  • Regularly check task manager report and MS configuration manager report.
  • Update virus defination files and scan the system for spyware regularly.
  • Install and use anti-spyware software.





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