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Social engineering is the art of convincing people to reveal confidential information.

Comman targets of social engineering include help desk personnel, technical support executives, system administrators, etc.

Social engineers depend on the fact that people are unware of thier valuble information and are careless about protecting it.

What is Social Engineering?

Prior to performing social engineering attack, an attacker gathers information about the target organization from various sources such as:

After information gathering, an attacker executes social engineerings attack using various approaches such as impersonation, piggybacking, tailgating, reverse social engineerings, and so on.

Social engineerings is an art of manipulating people to divulge sensitive information to perform some malicious action. Despite security policies, attacker can compromise organization’s sensitive information using social engineerings as it targets the weakness of people. Most often, employees are not even aware of a security lapse on thier part and reveal organization’s critical information inadvertently.

Common Targets of Social Engineering

A social engineer uses the vulnerability of human nature as thier most effective tool. Usually, people believe and trust others and derive filfillment from helping the needy.

Impact of Social Engineering Attack on Organization

Social engineering does not seem to be a serious threat, but it can lead to heavy losses for organizations.

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