What is Port Scanning? — UDP & TCP Scanning — Exploitbyte

TCP Connect / Full Open Scan

Stealth Scan ( Half-Open Scan)

Stealth Scan Process

  1. The client sends a single SYN packet to the server on the appropriate port.
  2. If the port is open then the server responds with a SYN/ACK packet.
  3. If the server responds with an RST packet, then the remote port is in the “closed” state.
  4. The client sends the RST packet to close the initiation before a connection can ever be established.

Inverse TCP Flag Scanning

Xmas Scan

ACK Flag Probe Scanning

IDLE /IPID Header Scan

UDP Scanning

UDP Port Open

UDP Port Closed

ICMP Echo Scanning

ICMP List Scan



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