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Data Security Requirements?

Types of Database Users

1) Application Programmers

  • As the name suggest, application programmers are the one who writes application programe that uses the database.
  • These application programs are written in programming languages like COBOL or PL ( Programming Language like Java and Fourth Generation Language.)
  • These programs meet the user requirement and made according to user requirements.
  • Retriving information, creating new information and changing existing information is done by these application programs.
  • They interact with DBMS through DML ( Data Manipulation Language) Calls.
  • And All these functions are performed by generating a request to the DBMS

2) Sophisticated Users

  • They are nothing but the database developers, who writes SQL queries to perform various operations such as select/insert/delete/update data.
  • They do not need any applications or program for the purpose of requesting the database. They directly interact with the database with the help of query language like SQL.
  • These users may be various types of scientists, engineers, alalysts who have deep knowledge of SQL and DBMS to apply the concepts as per their requirements.
  • In Short, we can say that, this category includes different designers as well as developers of DBMS and SQl.

3) Specialised Users

  • These Users are also called as Sophisticated users, but they develop special types of database application programs.
  • They are considered as the developers who writes complex programs as per the requirement.

4) Stand-Alone Users

5) Native Users

  • To Interact with the database existing applications are used by these users
  • For example, online library system, ticket booking systems, ATMs etc, which has existing application and users use to interact with the database to fulfil their requests.



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