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Quants For It Job — The Objective of this test is to assess your performance in various areas of competence like Quantitative Ability, Problem Solving Skills and Verbal Ability.

Q-1) There is an unlimited stock of Blue, Red, White and Grey coloured balls. The balls of each colour are identical. Find the number of ways of selecting 12 balls from the stock?

(a) 35 (b) 495 © 465 (d) 455

Answer — d) 455

Q-2) Let A and B be two solid spheres such that the surface area of B is 300% higher than the surface area of A. The volume of A is found to be k% lower than the volume of B. The value of k must be

(a) 85.5 (b) 92.5 © 90.5 (d) 87.5

Answer — d) 87.5

Quants For It Job

Q-3) In a 4000 meter race around a circular stadium having a circumference of 1000 meters, the fastest runner and the slowest runner reach the same point at the end of the 5 th minute, for the first time after the start of the race. All the runners have the
same staring point and each runner maintains a uniform speed throughout the race. If the fastest runner runs at twice the speed of the slowest runner, what is the time taken by the fastest runner to finish the race?

(a) 20 min (b) 15 min © 10 min (d) 5 min

Answer — c) 10 min

Q-4) There are 4 quarts in a gallon. A gallon of petrol sells for Rs.12 and a quart of the same petrol sells for Rs.5. The owner of a rental agency has 6 machines and each machine needs 5 quarts of petrol. What is the minimum amount of money he must spend to purchase enough petrol?

(a) Rs.84 (b) Rs.94 © Rs.96 (d) Rs.102

Answer — b) 94 — Total oil needed = 6 × 5 = 30 quarts = 7 gallons and 2 quarts. [ Since, 7 x 4 = 28 + 2 ]

∴ The cost of oil/quart is cheaper when you purchase by the gallon, he should buy at least 7 gallons of oil. However, in order to get the remaining 2 quarts, it is cheaper to buy 2 quarts individually rather than another gallon. ∴ The minimum amount = 7 × Rs.12 + 2 × Rs.5 = Rs.94.

Q-5) If the sum of five consecutive positive integers is A, then the sum of the next five consecutive integers in terms of A is:

( a) A+1 (b) A+5 © A+25 (d) 2A

Answer — b) A+5

Quants For It Job

Q-6) A business school club, Friends of Foam, is throwing a party at a local bar. Of the business school students at the bar, 40% are first year students and 60% are second year students. Of the first year students, 40% are drinking beer, 40% are drinking mixed drinks, and 20% are drinking both. Of the second year students, 30% are drinking beer, 30% are drinking mixed drinks, and 20% are drinking both. A business school student is chosen at random. If the student is drinking beer, what is the probability that he or she is also drinking mixed drinks?

(a) 2/5 (b) 4/7 © 10/17 (d) 7/24

Answer — c) 10/17

Q-7) How many even integers n, where 100 ≤ n ≤ 200, are divisible neither by seven nor by nine?

(a) 39 (b) 37 © 40 (d) 38

Answer — a) 39 — There are 101 integers in all, of which 51 are even. From 100 to 200, there are 14 multiples of 7, of which 7 are even. There are 11 multiples of 9, of which 6 are even. But there is one integer (i.e. 126) that is a multiple of both 7 and 9 and also even. Hence the answer is (51–7–6 + 1) = 39

Q-8) The diameter of the smaller circle is equal to the side of the square and the diagonal of the square is equal to the diameter of the bigger circle. If the circles are concentric, then their areas are in the ratio

(a) 1 : 2 (b) 2 : 3 © 1 : 2 (d) 1 : 4

Answer — c) 1 : 2

Quants For It Job

Q-9) If 10*x/(x+y)+ 20*y/(x+y)=k and if x is less than y, which of the following could be the value of k?

(a)10 (b)12 ©15 (d)18

Answer — d) 18

Q-10) A Coach is filling out the starting lineup for his indoor soccer team. There are 10 boys on the team, and he must assign 6 starters to the following positions: 1 goalkeeper, 2 on defence, 2 in midfield, and 1 forward. Only 2 of the boys can play goalkeeper, and they cannot play any other positions. The other boys can each play any of the other positions. How many different groupings are possible?

(a)60 (b) 210 © 2580 (d) 3360

Answer — d) 3360

Q-11) A man cycling along the road noticed that every 12 minutes a bus overtakes him and every 4 minutes he meets an oncoming bus. If all buses and the cyclist move at a constant speed, what is the time interval between consecutive buses

(a)5 minutes (b) 6 minutes © 8 minutes (d) 9 minutes

Answer — b) 6 minutes

Q-12) ABCDE is a regular pentagon with F at its center. How many different triangles can be formed by joining 3 of the points A,B,C,D,E and F?

(a) 10 (b) 15 © 20 (d) 25

Answer — c) 20

Quants For It Job

Q-13) A shepherd has 1 million sheep at the beginning of Year 2000. The numbers grow by x% (x > 0) during the year. A famine hits his village in the next year and many of his sheep die. The sheep population decreases by y% during 2001 and atthe beginning of 2002 the shepherd finds that he is left with 1 million sheep. Which of the following is correct?

(a) x > y (b) y > x © x = y (d) Cannot be determined

Answer — a) x>y — Let us assume the value of x to be 10%.

Therefore, the number of sheep in the herd at the beginning of year 2001 (end of 2000) will be 1 million + 10% of 1 million = 1.1 million In 2001, the numbers decrease by y% and at the end of the year the number sheep in the herd = 1 million.
i.e., 0.1 million sheep have died in 2001. In terms of the percentage of the number of sheep alive at the beginning of 2001, it will
be (0.1/1.1)×100 % = 9.09%. From the above illustration it is clear that x > y.

Q-14) There is a square paper with each of its sides measuring 50 cm. A student has to cut a triangular piece of paper out of this square but can only straight line cut the piece once. The length of a single straight line cut is exactly 30 cm. What is the maximum area of the triangular part obtained (in cm)?

(a)450 (b) 150 © 225 (d) 400

Answer — c) 225

Quants For It Job

Q-15) The numbers {1, 3, 6, 7, 7, 7} are used to form three 2-digit numbers. If the sum of these three numbers is a prime number p, what is the largest possible value of p?

(a)211 (b)151 © 219 (d) 209

Answer — a) 211 — What is the largest possible sum of these three numbers that we can form? Maximize the first digit: 76+73+71=220=even, so not a prime. Let’s try next largest sum, switch digits in 76 and we’ll get: 67+73+71=211=prime.

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